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Senior Account Manager in Gauteng


This job was posted by Belay Rapid Resources
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Skill Level Intermediate
Country South Africa
City Gauteng
Suburb Gauteng
Remuneration Market Related
Remuneration Structure N/A
Employment Type N/A
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Job Description Requirements:
•Graduate calibre
•Minimum 3 years experience in Project Management / Business Consultancy / Client management
•Track record of successful relationship management
•Understanding of direct marketing and/or financial services industry
•Broad commercial skills (especially negotiation)
•Interpersonal skills
•Acts with a sense of urgency
•To ensure the retention and growth of allocated clients.
•The deployment and application of key practices, deliverables, and actions to ensure productive relationships that grow the clients business and P3 business.
• The development of key relationships within all stakeholder areas of our clients business, at operational level.
•The development and implementation of financial forecasting and monitoring of each allocated account at turnover and EBIT level.
•Operational lead of ‘Business As Usual' deliveries, to prioritise and ensure quality deliverables are implemented as promised.
•The ability to identify new opportunities or expand relationships within existing projects to build on current revenue streams.
•To deliver all aspects of the ‘Account Management: Definition, Roles and Responsibilities' document.
•This position reports to the Head of Account Management and is a key role in the success of P:Cubed Strategic Consulting and Account Management. (SCAM)

Strategic Client Management
•Ensure that P3 has a clear understanding and alignment to client objectives, challenges, strategies and tactics.
•Perform and maintain regular SWOT analysis to maximise opportunity and mitigate/minimise risk.
•Draw up and maintain active, up-to-date Account Management Plans that describes initiatives to deliver on the SWOT analysis.
•Maintain organagrams of allocated client stakeholders that describes their influence and perception of P3. Produce and maintain plans to improve relationships with each stakeholder.
•Compile and deliver regular Business Benefit Review (BBR) presentations and reports to our clients, to prove the value they are receiving from P3 (specific projects and overall programme).
•Understand both the client and supplier organisational structure, identify and manage deep relationships with key stakeholders.
•Perform all ad hoc billing for additional billable activities of allocated clients including, but not limited to supplier billing (e.g. List Vendors, spatial data providers, etc) where applicable.
•Take responsibility and accountability of all actions and situations that affect contract renewal and continued client satisfaction relative to contractual delivery.
•Proactively deliver monthly feedback presentation and report to the HOAM on each allocated client.
•Builds and maintain positive relationships with all stakeholders.
•Take ownership of execution on client entertainment strategy to build and nurture relationships with clients.
•Keep abreast of, and actively acquire competitor activity within the client and other available sources.
Sales Support
•Identify sales opportunities within existing client relationships and ensure internal awareness of these opportunities.
•Deliver Account Management Plans which include a Sales Opportunity Matrix, identifying opportunities for additional sales of specific services and products.
•Manage maintain and utilise the SOM to achieve targeted sales.
•Assist Marketing with support through case studies and sales tools for new client acquisition
•Promote P:Cubed's products and services across other business lines outside of the immediate project.
•Delivery of comprehensive proposals for additional services. that are accurate and representative.
Financial/Legal Management
•Maintain accurate financial forecasting and monitoring at revenue and EBIT level for allocated clients, using chosen reporting tool.
•Implementation of Master and annex contracts where possible.
•Ensures that contracts are signed, renewed timeously, annual renewal and pricing negotiations completed, etc.
•Provide business cases for additional investment, disinvestment, or reassignment of resources based on the financial impact and business risk/opportunity assessment.
•Produce accurate reports of detailed billable activities to P3 Finance, and deliver the necessary documentation to the correct individual/department, at the correct time to ensure payment. Follow up with clients where invoice payments are late, and escalate where payment issues are serious.
Strategic Supplier Management
•Build strong personal relationships with our suppliers.
•Discuss and align on various commercial opportunities for each client where they are joint clients
•Discuss joint proposal opportunities, and actioning where appropriate
•Discuss and react to industry and legislative environment
•Share knowledge on competitors, and defence/attack strategies.
•Effective lobbying of customers and industry bodies for desired outcomes that support the P:Cubed business model

•Develop, manage and maintain short-medium term pipelin


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