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Profession Globe

Media Relation Manager in Gauteng


This job was posted by Belay Rapid Resources
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Skill Level N/A
Country South Africa
City Gauteng
Suburb Bryanston
Remuneration R 550 – R650K pa
Remuneration Structure Per Annum
Employment Type Full-Time
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Job Description Main Purpose
Be a strategic advisor to the Company to further develop and improve its
social media strategy and capability
• Implement the Nestlé social media strategy, building a high degree of
online trust and goodwill towards the company and its brands by building
and managing relationships between Nestlé and online communities.
• Guide the Oceania market and the Company’s global online management
network on the management of issues related to the corporation and its
brands which arise online
• Ensure consistency in voice and approach to the online environment

Main Responsibilities
Community Advocacy
• Represent the company and its brands by listening, monitoring, and understanding
what consumers and shoppers are saying online
• Become an advocate of the Company in social media, engaging in dialogue and
answering questions where appropriate
• Develop and manage a blogger outreach program and build an active online
ambassador network for the Company
• Using a conversational approach, build a high degree of online trust and goodwill
towards the Company and its brands
• With the Director, Corporate and External Relations and the Director, Group
Marketing, manage the response when issues escalate online
• Place Corporate communication content generated at the Centre, at local level
Improving our online understanding and capability
• Monitor effective benchmarks for measuring the impact of social media programs,
and analyze, review and report on the effectiveness of campaigns in an effort to
maximize results
• Regularly feedback insights gained from social media monitoring to the marketing
and corporate affairs teams to help them improve their understanding of the online
consumer and key online stakeholders and evolve their strategies in a timely fashion
• Monitor trends in social media tools, trends and applications
• Lead and train external agencies who carry out social media “brand marketing”
under our social media model
• Work closely with Global Social Media Head and cascade communication from the
Centre throughout the organisation on a need to know basis

Required Qualifications /Characteristics
Graduate qualified Journalism / Arts
• Strong / well developed
understanding of the online social
media space
• Good understanding of the digital
technologies in the online social
media space and how to use them

Skills & Knowledge
Listening, communication, business development, online knowledge,
customer or client service.
• Patience to let others participate without dominating the conversation.
• Networking with a wide variety of people and being able to call on the
right ones at the right time.
• Communication skills to understand how to engage online.
• Facilitation to help keep discussions moving in a positive direction.
• Technical skills and an understanding of how your community
software operates
• Marketing to make sure people know about your online community.
• Self Motivation and the ability to work without much supervision.
• Organization skills to keep track of the many activities without
dropping too many balls.